Access D Solution has been in the Staffing Solutions business for the past ten years.

Our employees are highly qualified professionals with many years of project and field experience.
Access D Solutions has been providing customers with services to a level of quality that consistently conform to contractual obligation, and statutory requirements. We are totally committed to the customer needs and support.

Staffing Solutions is gaining strength in the marketplace. Organizations are looking at the activities that add value to what they provide to their clients and where they need to focus their limited resources to make sure they make a difference.

Our strengths lie in adapting ourselves to fit all our client's needs throughout the business processes. We facilitate our clients to reduce cost liability while increasing the value of its deliverables with respect to price and performance.

We undertake mobilization of resources in the specified numbers and their deployment at client-identified locations. On request, or at the conclusion of the contract period, the deployed resources are demobilized from the client sites. Clients can thus leverage on the experience, performance and contribution of the deployed resources while enjoying flexibility and freedom with regard to recruitment and replacement.

We are confident that if you use our services once, you’ll use them again. We offer competitive rates across the board and a free replacement service for permanent recruitments.
The right people, exactly when you need them?

For any business, the prime differentiator is its people. At Access D Solutions People we understand this and know that price and value are imperative for businesses large or small. This is one of the reasons we don’t invoice you till your new employee starts working for you, and undertake all the associated risks in the meantime.
We understand that each business is unique and its requirements must be fulfilled by exceptional people that can help realize the company’s vision. Our recruitment process, from advertising to arranging interviews, is especially designed to help you secure smart, competitive people and we invoice you only after they start working.
Benefits of Staffing Solutions:
Lower fixed costs
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Access D Solutions fees can vary depending on type of employment such as for temporary employees,
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Specializes in temporary staffing and full time jobs to industries like Construction, call centers, manufacturing etc.
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